Past Graduate Students

Xiaoguang Zhang

PhD, 2017

Xiaoguang made major contributions to the mechanistic understandings of the copper-catalyzed formations of several classes of 1,2,3-triazole molecules. 

Kirsten Daykin

PhD, 2017

Kirstin developed fluorescent indicators for zinc ions and hydrogen peroxide. She also applied her indicators in illuminating zinc and hydrogen peroxide in living cells using fluorescence microscopes. Kirsten is now a tenure-track assistant professor at Tennessee Wesleyan University.  

Chris Brassard

PhD, 2016

Chris spearheaded the development of a new method to make 5,5'-bistriazoles. He also made important contributions to our works in the syntheses of 5-iodotriazoles and 5-alkynyltriazoles

Tyler Simmons

PhD, 2013

Tyler worked on the coordination chemistry of 1,2,3-triazoles and its application in developing zinc-sensitive fluorescent indicators. He also made significant contributions to the mechanistic work on copper(II) acetate mediated azide-alkyne cycloaddition reactions. 

Heather Michaels

PhD, 2012

Heather studied triazolyl-containing multidentate ligands as zinc-sensitive fluorescent indicators. She contributed to our work in copper(II) acetate-mediated azide-alkyne cycloaddition chemistry, in particular, the effect of ligands in the efficiency of this reaction, and the 5-iodotriazole synthesis. She also cleverly demonstrated the synthetic utility of 5-iodotriazole in producing polyheterocyclic organic molecules. 

Ali Younes

PhD, 2012

Ali thoroughly studied and reported the zinc coordination chemistry and fluorescent properties of 2,2'-bipyridyl-containing fluorophores. He started the project of organic fluorophores capable of multiple emission, which has since been growing till this day. 

Wendy Brotherton

PhD, 2012

Wendy discovered the high reactivity of chelating azides in copper-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition reaction. This work has been applied by many in need of a rapid version of this reaction. She also reported a new, rather convenient method to make 5'-iodotriazole from terminal alkyne and organic azide. 

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